Ocean ecosystems are as varied as they are valuable. Seagrass meadows are veritable fish factories and carbon stores. Snorkelling and diving generate billions in tourist dollars. Oyster reefs support important fisheries, filter pollutants and reduce the impact of violent storms. When paired with saltmarshes, mangroves, ocean currents, nutrient-rich upwelling and other habitats, the ocean provides countless, often invaluable services to society.

Mapping Ocean Wealth is a global project delivered by The Nature Conservancy that aims to quantify the economic value of our coastal zones. This report for Australia provides analysis that makes the case for blue financing, and gives greater consideration to environmental economic accounting. It sets out how coastal areas not only provide significant climate risk mitigation but how they aide in the transition to a ‘net-zero’ scenario as the better state they are in, the better their ability to sequester carbon.

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