Sustainable Infrastructure: Investing for resilience

Decisions taken today, to meet future needs for cities and transport networks, will lock-in an emissions pathway and exposure to climate impacts over the lifetime of assets. A sustainable approach minimises emissions and incorporates resilience to the impacts of warmer temperatures.

Greater Bay Area

6 September 2022


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9 December 2021


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27 October 2021


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11 August 2021


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24 June 2021


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30 April 2021


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19 January 2021


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23 September 2020


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17 September 2020


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1 April 2020


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3 February 2020


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13 January 2020


The case for blue financing

25 November 2019


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25 November 2019


Why the circular economy matters

14 October 2019


By Dana Krechowitz, Sustainable Finance, HSBC

29 March 2019


This report by the London School of Economics outlines how a just transition to a low-carbon economy would look for the UK, using Yorkshire and Humberside as a case study.

1 February 2019