Mobilising Finance: Accelerating investment for transition

Finance is a critical enabler for solving climate change and speeding up low-carbon transition. The industry is working collaboratively to accelerate financing in a consistent manner, while continuing to work individually on new products to deliver a low-carbon economy.

The fundamentals, recommendations and guidance

1 November 2022


Practical recommendations for financing Asia’s just and orderly energy transition

5 October 2022


Current challenges and solutions in China’s Greater Bay Area

8 September 2022


State of the Market

5 September 2022


State of the Market

29 August 2022


An analysis of bankable case studies from around the world

19 August 2022


State of the Market

17 June 2022


Conditions to mobilise sustainable finance

28 March 2022


Challenges, Opportunities and Innovative Solutions

7 March 2022


Challenges, Opportunities and Innovative Solutions

7 March 2022


Financing the drive to net-zero

7 December 2021



11 November 2021


Considerations for banks in setting a net zero strategy

20 October 2021


Unlocking private finance

14 October 2021


Capital markets embrace environmental and social issues

14 September 2021


Market Briefing 2020

1 September 2021


Unlocking Private Finance to support CCS Investments

5 August 2021


For Nature-based Solutions

30 July 2021


Market Briefing

13 May 2021


State of the Market 2020

27 April 2021


Considerations for Policymakers

9 April 2021


Key concepts and a framework for identification

31 March 2021


A Leapfrog moment

25 March 2021


Creating climate scenarios that serve the needs of the financial system is challenging

11 February 2021


Scaling up the market

10 February 2021



19 January 2021


The ultimate power to transform the market

14 January 2021


Finance principles to get there

10 December 2020


Assessing the position of companies and portfolios on the path to net zero

11 November 2020


The China & Hong Kong SAR (China) Context

9 November 2020


Pandemic intensifies awareness of environment and society

13 October 2020


Supporting Net-Zero Ambition

24 September 2020


Managing Funding to Carbon-Intensive firms

17 September 2020


How banking can support a just transition in the UK

14 July 2020


Climate Bonds Initiative

29 June 2020


A whitepaper from HSBC

29 June 2020


By Diana Cesar, CEO, Hong Kong

12 June 2020


Climate Bonds Initiative

6 May 2020


Mobilizing Capital for Low-Carbon Energy in Buildings

27 April 2020


Climate Bonds Initiative

16 April 2020



19 February 2020


As part of Frontier 2030: Fourth Industrial Revolution for Global Goals Platform

10 February 2020


Zoe Knight, Managing Director, HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance

2 January 2020


Daniel Klier, Group Head of Strategy and Global Head of Sustainable Finance

4 October 2019


Gateway for sustainability linked bonds

24 September 2019


Markets alert to the environment and society

24 September 2019


By Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC

18 September 2019


A private-sector view on mobilising climate finance.

18 September 2019


By Daniel Klier, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

25 July 2019


This report is a call for action from the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) to central banks and financial supervisors and outlines six recommendations for assessing climate change as a source of financial risk.

29 April 2019


This report examines the current landscape for blended finance and discusses how to unlock the potential so as to mobilise capital through a range of institutions such as banks, asset managers, insurers, pension funds, and foundations at scale.

29 April 2019


By Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

26 April 2019


By Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

9 April 2019


By Ben Caldecott, University of Oxford.

12 March 2019


Climate Bonds Initiative briefing outlining growth and major developments in China's green bond market.

26 February 2019


Climate Bonds Initiative briefing outlining growth and characteristics of Hong Kong's green bond market.

25 February 2019


HSBC's Global Research Fixed Income team examines factors driving supply and demand and the evolving green bond market.

30 January 2019


This report presents a toolkit for financial centres to rapidly support low-carbon transition.

18 January 2019


By Zoё Knight, Group Head of the Centre of Sustainable Finance.

5 January 2019


On paper, solving the climate-change problem is straightforward.

9 October 2018


This report by Zoё Knight and Gaurav Ganguly discusses how banks can apply climate lens to risk management and scenario analysis for financial stability.

5 October 2018


This report presents the findings of the Climate Bonds Initiative research of climate-aligned issuers up until June 2018. HSBC commissioned the report.

1 October 2018


Transition in thinking: The impact of climate change on the UK banking sector.

26 September 2018


This report presents East & Partners’ update on issuer and investor approaches to sustainable finance. HSBC commissioned the report.

5 September 2018


Opportunity for growth.

14 June 2018


WWF's recommendations for the finance sector – in conjunction with HSBC.

1 January 2018