Achieving net zero is being recognised as a primary goal of climate change mitigation at the global level. An increasing number of companies and countries have committed to net zero emissions, which will inform the future direction of government policy and business decision-making in the coming decades.

The transition to net zero is the collective responsibility of businesses of all shapes and sizes. For many it will present significant challenges, but with that comes opportunity, and the possibility of developing new business models and driving efficiencies.

However, there are valid concerns that net zero targets are being set without a consistent and credible definition, or a transparent strategy. Becoming a net zero business is a deliberate and strategic journey that will impact the entire organization.

HSBC has partnered with Carbon Intelligence, a world class team of experts, to publish this guide to support businesses on their journey to net zero. The guide lays the foundations for an ambitious carbon reduction strategy to provide a credible sustainability position with customers, employees and investors. It explains what a net zero target is and how a company can set one that is ambitious, credible and science based.


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