Construction accounts for around 6 per cent of Global GDP according to the World Economic Forum. In addition, buildings and construction are responsible for 40 per cent of emissions. Direct measures in buildings, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, could potential save 84 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide globally by 2050, the equivalent to planting 467 billion trees.

This report is the result of a research collaboration between HSBC and EY, aimed at informing and inspiring stakeholders in the building sector to further explore the opportunities of green building practices.

The report offers a snapshot of the building sector in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and highlights the key strategic, financial, market and technological enablers for green buildings in these countries. It particularly looks at how green building practices can deliver environmental and socio-economic benefits to achieve the global sustainability and climate change goals.

The report also covers the challenges of the transition to green buildings, delving deeper into the gaps across the value chain, and offers recommendations for policy-makers, financial institutions, developers and customers to harness the benefits of the transition and benefit from a more sustainable building sector.

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