The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) brings together a diverse group of individuals from the energy and climate communities: investors, incumbent energy companies, industry disruptors, equipment suppliers, energy-intensive industries, non-profit organisations, advisers, and academics from across the developed and developing world. Our aim is to accelerate change towards low-carbon energy systems that enable robust economic development and limit the rise in global temperature to well below 2˚C. The ETC is co-chaired by Lord Adair Turner and Dr Ajay Mathur. Our Commissioners are listed on page 7 of the attachment.

The Better Energy, Greater Prosperity report was developed by the Commissioners with the support of the ETC Secretariat, provided by SYSTEMIQ. It draws upon a set of analyses carried out by Climate Policy Initiative, Copenhagen Economics, McKinsey & Company, and Vivid Economics for the ETC, which are available on the ETC's website.

This report constitutes a collective view of the ETC. Members of the ETC endorse the general thrust of the arguments made in this report.

The ETC Commissioners not only agree on the importance of cutting carbon emissions, but also share a broad vision of how the transition to a low-carbon energy system can be achieved. The fact that this agreement is possible between companies and organisations with different perspectives on and interests in the energy system should give decision-makers across the world confidence that it is possible simultaneously to grow the global economy and limit global warming to well below 2˚C, and that many of the key actions to achieve these goals are clear.

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