Carbon Transition: Solutions for a net-zero future

Limiting temperature rises to 1.5°C means delivering net-zero emissions by 2050, according to the UN science body. This means offsetting carbon sources from human activities with sinks that absorb or capture the carbon. The net impact from humans on atmospheric C0₂ needs to be neutral, or in other words, net-zero.


19 May 2022


Pathways and Outlook under the Carbon Neutrality Goal

19 May 2022


Scoring climate risks: who is the most resilient?

11 April 2022


10 points you need to know

11 April 2022


Policies to enable the transition

28 March 2022


The 10 points you need to know

16 March 2022


Reaching climate objectives of a net zero world

9 March 2022


Transition pathways for the financial sector

8 February 2022


The science and the spectrum

18 November 2021


An introduction for business

18 November 2021



28 October 2021


Transition Pathway Guidelines

25 October 2021


Status update 2021

20 October 2021


Options and challenges for the biggest emitting sectors

1 October 2021


A Critical Pillar to Reach Carbon Neutrality

1 October 2021


Feasible actions in the 2020s

30 September 2021


Transition Pathway Guidelines

15 September 2021


Navigating the finer points of the climate in Glasgow

9 September 2021


12 key points you need to know

10 August 2021


For the Low Carbon Transition

28 July 2021


The role of bio-resources in delivering net-zero

2 July 2021


Supporting Net -Zero

27 April 2021


Accelerating the transition to net-zero

27 April 2021


The pathway towards net-zero

26 April 2021


A practical approach

13 April 2021


How CEOs can get on board with the transition

31 March 2021


Supporting China’s Carbon Neutrality Goal

8 March 2021



1 March 2021


Considerations for using nature based solutions

10 February 2021


Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

10 February 2021



5 February 2021


Supporting the journey to net zero

5 February 2021


An introduction for business

4 January 2021


Pathways for scale-up across the economy

16 December 2020


The Case for Mangroves as a Nature-Based Climate Solution

10 December 2020


Vulnerability of Omani Fisheries & Aquaculture to Climate Change

8 December 2020


Minimising emissions, maximising value

5 November 2020



3 November 2020



3 November 2020


Delivering zero-carbon in heavy industry

20 October 2020


Supporting carbon neutrality in heavy industrials and power

21 September 2020


Delivering A Net-Zero Economy

15 September 2020


USD630 billion investment opportunity

24 July 2020


The response from HSBC Global Research

14 July 2020


Investor appetite to understand more about hydrogen as a climate solution is increasing. This report responds to the key questions

10 July 2020


This requires a transformation of the power/transport/buildings sector and provides HKD170 bilion (USD21.85 billion) of investment opportunity

29 June 2020


Does the pandemic mean that the oil and gas industry will speed up or slow down its transition to low-carbon?

12 June 2020


The proposed package would not only play a fundamental role in Australia’s recovery, it would also position it for global leadership on climate change.

7 June 2020


Sustainable Agricultural Sector in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE

2 June 2020


Our future social and economic welfare depends on a healthy environment, one that requires a significant level of investment, and a longer-term outlook

20 May 2020


While building a healthier, more resilient, net-zero emissions economy

6 May 2020


Sustainable buildings frameworks for Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE

22 April 2020


By Andrea Griffin, Manager, HSBC Sustainable Finance

22 April 2020


The role of hydrogen and hydrogen based fuels in delivering net-zero emissions by mid-century

22 April 2020


UK and Italy will host COP 26 in 2021

7 April 2020


The carbon price of changing behaviour

2 April 2020


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

25 February 2020


Scoring climate risks: who is the most resilient

18 February 2020


A five-legged race to refocus

6 February 2020


Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute

24 January 2020


By Gareth Thomas, Head of Global Banking, HSBC Bank Middle East

9 January 2020



5 December 2019


Delivering carbon neutrality by 2050. Report available in English and Chinese.

5 December 2019


The transition to responsible, zero carbon steel making

25 November 2019


These days, the reminders of how rapidly the world’s climate is changing come with depressing frequency.

22 November 2019


Addressing climate change in the airline industry

12 November 2019


By Indira Oriana Masullo, Associate, Sustainable Finance, HSBC

17 October 2019


Financing net zero solutions for the UK market

4 October 2019


By Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC

4 October 2019


By Adair Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission.

10 September 2019


Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century.

2 September 2019


By Andrea Griffin, Manager, Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

2 September 2019


By Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

9 August 2019


Implications of the digital revolution for power demand.

8 July 2019


Technological solutions and financial models to achieve net-zero carbon cities.

3 July 2019


Reaching Net-Zero Carbon Emissions from Harder-to-Abate Sectors by Mid-Century.

10 June 2019


By Andrea Griffin, Manager, Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

10 June 2019


Reaching Net-Zero Carbon Emissions from Harder-to-Abate Sectors by Mid-Century.

28 May 2019


By Indira Oriana Masullo, Associate, Sustainable Finance, HSBC.

28 May 2019


HSBC Global Research's assessment of the institutional framework and economic potential of 67 countries to deliver the transition to a low-carbon economy.

22 May 2019


Since 2000, China's industrial output has grown 8 times, 350 million more people are living in cities, and agricultural production has more than quadrupled.

14 May 2019



14 May 2019


Green growth recommendations for China's Greater Bay Area by HKQAA. Report available in English and Chinese.

7 May 2019


By Greg Clark, Senior Advisor, Future Cities and New Industries, HSBC.

7 March 2019


HSBC Global Research identifies how reducing emissions in the transport sector will help meet Paris Agreement goals.

30 January 2019


Corporates as solution providers.

14 December 2018


Progress and lessons in Emerging Markets.

14 December 2018


Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century.

19 November 2018


HSBC Global Research analyses the difference half a degree can make for the economy and society globally in response to the IPCC 1.5°C special report.

8 October 2018


HSBC Global Research explains the challenges and opportunities of technology as key in tackling pollution, congestion, crime, housing and service provision.

24 September 2018


Many cities, one goal.

1 August 2018


A report by Asia Research & Engagement, commissioned by HSBC, assessing the risks of climate change to ports across Asia Pacific.

4 April 2018


An HSBC Global Research report ranking 67 countries based on their vulnerability to climate change, and the risk for investors as countries move toward a lower carbon future.

4 April 2018


A report by HSBC Global Research looking at innovation in the wind sector.

4 April 2018


The greening of the Belt and Road.

10 January 2018


The economics of energy: past, present and future.

8 January 2018


Achievable pathways to low-carbon energy systems.

1 April 2017


Companies contribute to, and are affected by, climate change.

1 April 2017


Climate Risk Assessment: What next?

1 September 2016